Road user charges

RUC Adjustment Factor

October 20183.9%
July 20153.1%

Since 2007 the government have implemented increases in road user charges every year except 2011.

On the 18th December 2012 the Transport Minister, Gerry Brownlee, announced that road user charges will be increased on the 1st July each year until 2015 to contribute to the cost of the Roads of National Significance program. There are seven roads of national significance some of which have not started yet so it is reasonable to assume that the government may continue to fund these projects via road user increases past July 2015.

This surcharge will be operating separately from our existing fuel surcharge and be applied to the base price independently.

For emample:

If the base price is $10.00, FAF is 6% for the month and RUC�s are 2.2% then the total price would be calculated as follows:
$10  x  (6%  +  2.2%)  =  $10.82

The RUC surcharge will not change on a monthly basis and will only be adjusted in line with publicly announced RUC increases.